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Best Alcohol Treatment Programs in New Jersey

Jul 21

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths from alcoholism and drug abuse in New Jersey is higher than the national average. In the state, nearly 18 percent of adults and 23 percent of high school students report binge drinking. The state spends nearly $6 billion annually on alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and alcohol consumption per adult is higher than the national average. To help combat these rising numbers, treatment options in NJ are necessary to help individuals overcome their addictions. Read on to learn more about the best alcohol treatment programs in New Jersey

All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill

All In Solutions Counseling Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. JCAHO accredited, All In Solutions has maintained the highest standard of care for more than a decade. Their individualized inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs offer holistic, evidence-based, faith-based, and even medication-assisted treatment therapies. The experienced staff at their alcohol and drug rehab provide quality care that addresses the mental health that underlies addiction. All In Solutions New Jersey treatment center provides a family environment where staff truly care about clients and clients care about one another. The quality addiction treatment that they provide is covered by most private health insurance providers.

New Jersey rehab All In Solutions

Maryville Addiction Treatment Center

A pioneer in the treatment of addictive diseases and co-occurring disorders, Maryville Addiction Recovery Center has been helping individuals overcome their challenges since 1949. They offer evidence-based treatment programs and support resources for individuals suffering from addiction. The comprehensive services they offer include alcohol and drug addiction treatment, mental health care, and 12-step programs. The treatment programs at Maryville are specifically designed for each client's unique needs.

Maryville Addiction Treatment Center treats alcohol and drug abuse as a primary disease, and the goal of its program is to achieve meaningful abstinence. Maryville also acknowledges that substance abuse is often the result of untreated mental illness. Therefore, their treatment programs are designed to address both physical and mental health issues, including trauma. Maryville's CEO, Kendria McWilliams, has over 25 years of experience in behavioral health care. She was appointed CEO in 2011 and holds an MBA from West Chester University.

The Maryville Addiction Treatment Center, located in Williamstown, New Jersey, is an outpatient and residential program. The facility's 40-acre campus exudes a serene, tranquil atmosphere. Moreover, the residential program at Maryville is focused on addressing both the physical and mental symptoms of addiction. Its unique approach to treating chemical dependency enables it to help clients overcome their addiction and achieve long-term remission.

RCA at Lighthouse

The RCA at Lighthouse Alcohol Treatment Programs provides a comprehensive range of addiction treatment programs, tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. The organization offers addiction treatment for both men and women and has a unique Work/SchoolFlex program that enables patients to continue working while attending treatment. Additionally, the organization offers a Christian Faith-Based Program for those who would like to incorporate their faith into their recovery.

In the program, patients work with a team of clinicians and medical directors to create a specialized plan of care. A personal case manager and a medical director lead the clinical treatment program. RCA at Lighthouse treats the entire person, addressing physical and mental health problems as well as the primary addiction. The program integrates 12-step values and principles into the program, providing patients with new opportunities to replace negative people, places, and things with more positive experiences.

Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse is an integrated drug and alcohol treatment facility in Mays Landing, NJ. The staff specializes in treating all types of substance use disorders. The programs at the RCA at Lighthouse encourage family involvement throughout the treatment process. Participants in the RCA at Lighthouse program may participate in the development of the treatment plan, which will address all of the individual's needs. Depending on the intensity of the addiction treatment, clients may benefit from individual or group therapy.

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BlueCrest Recovery Center

The specialized, evidence-based therapies employed by the BlueCrest Recovery Center combine with the 12-step philosophy to help clients overcome their addiction and stay sober in the long term. Treatment programs include individual and group counseling, 12-step education, art therapy, music therapy, and a detoxification program that incorporates Vivitrol to counter the effects of alcohol withdrawal. There are also aftercare services available.

The program will begin with detox. The detox process lasts anywhere from three to seven days but is customized to the individual's needs and recovery goals. The detox process can last anywhere from three to seven days, and the treatment team will work with each client to determine a personalized treatment plan. The detox process is the first step in treatment and lasts anywhere from three to seven days. After completing detox, the program is complemented by ongoing support and group activities to keep the client motivated throughout the program.

The Intensive Outpatient Program at BlueCrest Recovery Center in New Jersey is a short-term, intensive program designed for less severe addictions. This type of treatment doesn't require 24-hour care but requires regular attendance and active participation in a structured program. In addition to the structured program, it is a great option for those who want to remain at home during treatment. If you want to stay in your home while undergoing treatment, the Intensive Outpatient Program is for you.

Eva's Village

The goal of Eva's Village Alcohol Treatment Program is to help people overcome their addiction. The staff members at this program are committed to building supportive relationships with their clients. They are trained in various clinical and social services. The program offers a wide variety of programs to address the needs of all clients. The goal is to help people overcome their addictions and lead productive lives. A full-time, permanent residence is not necessary.

The first peer-driven recovery center in New Jersey, Eva's Village is committed to helping addicts regain their health. By emphasizing spiritual awareness and community integration, the center provides a supportive environment. Eva's Village offers in-patient and out-patient services, and even onsite child care for mothers with dependent children. The program is designed to help those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction get back on track.

In addition to offering residential substance abuse treatment, Eva's Village offers primary medical and dental care to low-income clients. The program's outpatient mental health program offers several evidence-based treatments and counseling models. It is free to the financially challenged and is staffed by licensed alcohol and drug counselors and clinicians. The facility also has a job training program for participants. As an added benefit, the program allows for families to work on their own and earn a living.

Turning Points

There are many advantages to attending one of the Turning Points Alcohol Treatment Programs in the state of New Jersey. This facility offers several residential programs for treating substance abuse, as well as outpatient addiction treatment. They accept most major insurance plans and offer to fund clients who qualify. The program is accredited by CARF and is open to both private payers and those without insurance. Clients can also pay for the program on their own.

Many substance misuse treatment programs in New Jersey offer outpatient treatment, which allows patients to continue working or living at home while attending a rehab program. It is also more affordable than inpatient treatment, which is especially useful for people with strong support systems at home. However, outpatient programs are not for everyone. Because they expose patients to drug use, outpatient care may not be the best option for people with a history of addiction.

Many insurance plans cover some or all of the cost of a rehab program. Depending on your specific plan, you may be eligible for a sliding-scale payment plan. Most treatment centers work with patients to maximize the amount of money covered by their insurance. However, you may still have to pay out-of-pocket for your treatment. If this is the case, there is no reason not to take advantage of this benefit.


The Seabrook Alcohol Treatment Programs in New Jersey offer detoxification, short-term inpatient alcohol rehab, family wellness, and transitional living. The Seabrook Recovery Center has been serving individuals, families, and communities for more than 43 years. The center provides comprehensive treatment based on the 12-step principles and a multidisciplinary approach to alcoholism. As a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAARP), the facility offers the highest quality of care.

The Seabrook Recovery Center in New Jersey offers proven therapies to help clients overcome their addiction and rebuild their lives. In addition to the 12-Step philosophy, this program includes Equine Therapy, TENS, and CranioSacral Therapy. In addition, each program includes counseling services tailored to the individual's unique needs. If you're considering a Seabrook Alcohol Treatment Program in New Jersey, be sure to speak with a licensed professional to discuss your treatment options.

The Seabrook - Bridgeton alcohol treatment program offers comprehensive services for families, including guidance for intervention. The three-day Family Matrix Program allows families to strengthen the bonds that have been strained by addiction. Aside from the treatment programs, Seabrook - Bridgeton offers aftercare support for patients, as well as a smoking policy in designated areas. While there are many ways to recover from addiction, family support is one of the most critical.